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the problem of posting highly detailed illustrations online

2010-06-15 13:52:52 by alphanonanonymous

I am known here on newgrounds as Alphanonanonymous, and I've been just recently submitting illustrations to the art portal.

In addition, I'd just received a critique of one of my works from newgrounds user "baby3ater", about what baby3ater saw to be a problem of line clarity in my illustrations available for perusal here on Newgrounds entitled "action girl".

In short, Baby3ater commented that s/he believed that (even as the piece was fairly well done), that s/he thought that I needed to vary the density of my linework, in order to keep the work from being too dense and "confusing".

this is how I had responded: I have a tendency of imbuing my work with a good deal of detail (I use rapidograph technical pens, by the way, which produce lines as thin as .25, .18 and .13 millimeters).
At any rate, I've been toiling for some time insofar as ensuring that the computer medium is able to aptly document and depict the details inherent in my illustrations.

Now, the critique you've given is not one that I receive from those who see my art, in person. However, different computer monitors utilize different specifications, insofar as how much detail they are able to convey in the images they show.

I also think that this is going to be a very perplexing problem for any artists of the present and future who wish to create very detail oriented linework-based illustrations, for some time to come: I've been able to take a look at the way my own artwork appears on this site as well as my home site at, and the way that monitors "pick up" the details vary in such a staggering way, that I haven't been able to conjure up a solution.

If possible, I would invite you to take a look for yourself (if you're so disposed) at my site on www.alphaholism.comon two or three different computer monitors and see what I mean. One monitor will seem fine...whereas the other monitor shows the images of my art as quite grainy and diffused.

However, I am scanning my art at 600 ppi, then hittling "auto fix" in photoshop (so as to darken it even further)...but, alas, even as more people are able to see it in the fashion I'd purposed...still, there are sometimes problems depending upon the settings and manufacturer standards of the monitor.

Perhaps, however, You are aware of the problem and could pose a suggestion?
(I've already, mind you, scanned my work at higher resolutions...but the problem persists).

So, how about it, gang...any suggestions from the expanses of Newgrounds?

Excelsior and God Speed the Queen,
L. Llewellyn James/Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios


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2010-08-12 10:54:41

what queen?

alphanonanonymous responds:

Hi there again, Porsena:

Good to hear from you, again. Actually, the closing salutation of "Excelsior and God Speed the Queen" is just my own tongue-in-cheek letter closing in all of my communications and "formally addressed" messages.
"Excelsior" is just a direct copy of Comic book creator Stan Lee's closing greeting in all of his letters, which I'm simply emulating...however, with the additional "God Speed The Queen", I am actually merging two familiar, old school colloquialisms: namely "God Speed" and "God Save The Queen".
Again, all just in fun.
However, any comments on the message and question I'd posted in the major body of this message?


2012-04-05 21:43:45

I do not contain any favorable tips or recommendations for the issue at hand. However, I am grateful I read this, because, eventually, I plan on endeavoring to place my yielded art onto the World Wide Web with high ambitions. And I am inclined to exert detail (in every area of my life -- art included).
Additionally, I would hope that most would comprehend that how an image is presented on a computer will never precisely parallel how it is face-to-face. And thus, a little imagination/understanding from the viewer should exist. But, obviously, the latter is not always the case...

I want to add that your writing style is quite artful, clear, clever and thorough! Absolutely astounding.

alphanonanonymous responds:

Hi there, senseofeternity: thank you for your dedicated discussion points and your own deliberate, thoughtful analysis. I'd also like to apologize, for not responding a GREAT DEAL earlier to this post (it becomes rather overwhelming for me to keep up with each and every nuance of communique which one can encounter in the jetty-like flotsam of cyberspace...or, at least, it has proven thus for me).

Thanks again and Take it lightspeed,
L. Llewellyn James/Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios