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I would truly encourage you to publish your collected work in this vein, in as large a compendium as possible and afford;able as per your own auspices, as your work is intriguing, lavish, gregarious, uproarious and glorious!
Thank you for sharing, and I think SQP, Inc is a place you should consider putting together and submitting a pin-up book to (don't worry: I don't work for nor have any connection either personally or professionally with SQP, Inc--their site is
God Bless and Take It Lightspeed,
L. Llewellyn James/Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios


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Immense effort...literally.

Exemplary work, Kimosabe, throughout your entire photostream on Newgrounds.

Take it LIghtspeed,
L. Llewellyn James/Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios

Lines Lines

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Intriguing work and well-articulated forms

I find that the excruciating details and inherent subtext truly contribute to a visual feast. Exquisitely realized vision. Thanks.

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Jakubias responds:

Well you could't have described it in more eloquent form, I thank you.