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Classic Connect Classic Connect

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I found it a decent, well-put together and challenging time filler.

Well done.

Rock Bottom Rock Bottom

Rated 4 / 5 stars

An intriguing concept, but somehow just a smidgen too unkempt and solemnly uneven, in it's execution. However, I believe that you may in fact be on the verge of something here. Keep on truckin'.

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AmyDee responds:

Thanks! Definitely agree it's rough around the edges; we set a hard deadline to release. We're considering a sequel so it's great to hear that people see the potential and want more :)

Simple Love Simple Love

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an absolutely effervescent, beautifully rendered and superlative game in my estimation. I absolutely adore the concept and feel it so extremely vital a message, in these very sad and terse times.
Thank you so much for both it, as well as allowing people to hear some of the extraordinary musical work of Mr. Kevin Macleod. He has been an essential resource for me in my work as a videoographer and film-maker, as I've used some of his royalty-free music on some of my own short projects on behalf of non-profits and other organizations (which you can see by googling "Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios".
Gracias and take it lightspeed.

Vandread Love Quest Vandread Love Quest

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I must admit that I personally found the overall tenor of the many mini-games more fascinating and conducive to repeated gameplay, than the alleged "eroticism" of the more overt components on display here.
After playing this game, I would say that I found myself somewhat agape and apoplectic as I faced what I can only charitably describe as a rather moribund exercise in stunted realizations of "sexuality'.
Now, I realize that some would argue that to be the entire point of this sort of thing...BUT: is there anyone toiling in this soot-befouled coalmines of producing this sort of work with any interest in reflecting something a bit more sensual and meaningful than the mere wholesale spewing of pixilated facsimiles of viscous bodily fluids as proof of "arousal"?
Ok, Ok, just hear out this old crank's view, before you all vote to thrust me headlong from the ramparts of newgrounds, forever: what if this game had something a great deal more intellectually engaging insofar as "foreplay initiatives" are concerned (e.g. tantalizing mini-games wherein the suitor would need to artfully deduce more credible points of arousal on each woman, caressing them in different ways as per each female character's temperament...or, very often, as can be the case in real life, points of arousal which one would not expect)?
What if the vain Jura Character, after being wined and dined while clad in a gift of rarified high heel shoes that you would give here BEFORE the date actually began, were given a thoughtful foot message which acted as a precursor to the "event"?
...and as we are on the subject of Jura, I found the similarity between the women and their respective physical dimensions (in spite of the fact that they are supposed to be so unilaterally dissimilar in physical archetype from one another) rather disheartening. However, I can only imagine the difficulties inherent in actually programming and animating this game with one character actually being depicted faithfully with 40E breasts, while another has 34C, etc, etc.
HOWEVER: as larger breasted women are either bored silly or simply annoyed by the mere thought of being incessantly "Fittie Tucked" by each and every suitor they entertain (hey, I just conjured that phrase, just now!), while small breasted women are exhilarated by the thought of having their own mammaries played with at every opportunity PRECISELY because they have far more sensitivity in that region than their more visibly buxom sisters...well, I believe you can understand the gist of what I'm attempting to communicate.
Also, why isn't there any discussion of the "G-Spot" in this sort of game? Thoughtful discussions of performing oral sex on a woman (the late Sam Kinison, for example, always stated that he championed the idea of using one's tongue, to fashion letters from the Alphabet...which in and of itself could lend great intrigue as a "mini-game" wherein the player would be challenged to articulate intriguing geometric patterns with their mouse, based upon "clues of arousal" which each character would give, along with their "vital stats".
In short, I found myself returning, to play the 5 card draw game, as well as learning to master the "shooting range" game that one can play when on a date with Barnette, while the gratuitous nature of the sex acts. This sort of game, however, is a step into an intriguing direction from an intellectual vantage-point however, and I believe it is a well-balanced bauble with great interest, nonetheless.
I will be now be climbing down from the upper precipice of my own ideological soapbox...and, perhaps, not a moment too soon.

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Vortex00 responds:

Bro. you are over thinking this game.

Leave Cthulhu Alone Leave Cthulhu Alone

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lovecraft would've loved the craft of this...

Ahh, if many of today's young people only realized that before "HP" Stood for Hewlett-Packard, it was also the initials of H.P. Lovecraft, the father of modern Science-Fiction and Horror who wrote the inimitable "Cthulhu Mythos" stories which inspired this little piece of mayhem.
At any rate, it is an intriguing enough premise...however, I believe we may all agree that reading the work of Lovecraft would be far, far more engaging and chilling.
Don't believe me? Do yourselves a favor, and track down a certain short story by Lovecraft entitled "The Rats in the Walls"...Go ahead, I dare you to read it and NOT BE SHAKEN.

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